WR 242 Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry ♦ crn 13787
03:15pm-05:05 TTH        Jane Thielsen       BEND   LIB0023        WINTER 2018

--To list of  Prose  Assignments, etc. and Poems in Sequential Order

wk class Activity in class Assignment for the next class



Introductions, Class site,   Starting notes , etc.; Broumas poem "Sometimes..."poem in-class.  OPT. for "desert" poem write one; or list elements about "desert"--define, personally,5 senses,  scientifically, "Start The Power of the Word, "The Simple Acts of Life" From the in-class pre-writing, play with "Sometimes..." poem OR write one about "desert" - and bring printout of a favorite poem from literature. Also explain why you like it--handwriting on the printout is fine to identify your favorite line, meaning, sound, etc.
 On favorite poem printout, try the analyzing form--discuss.  more of The Simple Acts of Life (19:20, 32:20) read discuss  Booth poem and "desert" poem-- Read and respond for A1  to Booth poem and commentary ( MLA Template for prose response/writing | Citing Poetry). Write a rough draft of a dream-poem (or desert poem)  P1  and bring it for next class

T  1/16

 Anal/edit draft of P1  discuss  Booth poem  A1 read Color of Saying "finish"  P1  for a 4-part "packet"= final version, early draft, completed  editing form & process in that order, stapled.



Turn in  P1- turn in A1  Template for prose writing
Writing exercise: "Water seeks its own level" or "What hurts us, heals us."..Or whatever, as a Story/narrative poem has setting, movement in time, significance  e.g.Bishop
To prepare for guest: Clint Surplus on Cowboy Poetry:
 Read Western folk life commentaries: Ford & Morthland  Hasselstrom 
   A2 WRITE: 250-300 wds on what these commentaries lead you to understand about this traditional style. Cite as needed.



 Discuss .Bishop | as narrative examples Analyzing Poems on draft P2 Story poem | discuss A2 cowboy/ballads "The Walking Man" | Jessica Hedges | Folk ballad -
  • notes on Epic and Oral/Performance Tradition | def. of Slam Poetry | SlamPoem | Ballad of the Skeletons-Cowboy Logic |

  • (finish  P2 (Story poem) draft, edit & process for turn in) 



    Guest poet- ,= --turn in  P2 in 4-part packet  Ballads into songs:  ...Drunken Sailor | Shenandoah  & Hollins-|-Sierry Petes-   For  P3  Write a draft of a folk life, slam or cowboy Poem  and   A3  Discuss how a FolkLife poem, ballad, cowboy poem or slam invites music.
    review issues | Analyzing Poems on P3 ;  Technicians of the Sacred,  and Joy Harjo |  Turn in A3   Finish P3 in 4 part packet and  if need be: A3



    -turn in  P3 in 4-part packet- | Rothenberg poems1 & 2 I ID elements that characterize "primitive" poems.| Power of the Word  to 22:14 and  37:   P4 for A4  using Template for prose discuss how primiive poems can inform our poems and our sensibilities:   P4 find/make/glean a poem from The Man to Send Rain Clouds or Island  --try a primitive poem or one with primitive elements -- NA poems | More support... Songlines excerpt

    T 2/6

    Analyzing Poems P4  discuss and turn in A4 -read and discuss Stafford essay| | Silent Poem |finish P4 packet and review links

    TH 2/8  

    Turn in -P4 | -- review Villanelle | e.g. of pattern | examples & pattern -write a poem  P5 about an epiphany (in any form including a Villanelle  



      Analyzing Poems  on P5  conceit eg read and discuss mixing imagery, diction/ fine meaning, musical values of- Tarantella | aloud , Kubla Khan | aloudPied Beauty | aloud , Ars Poetica | aloud- |  Macey/Music and Poetics | Angelou | I Rise..   Magic...   -finish P5



    Turn in P5 -review the Sonnet | English | Kinnell BB | Power of the Word 28:15 out loud | Uexpecteds Exercise  Write aSonnet  P6-



     go over  scansion OWL | Do scansion/ A5  in class  & Analyzing Poems on draft  P6   more on the sonnet | discuss value of "forms." more on line endings-| youtube Line Breaks |Strangeification, tinge of menace.... finish P6   



     intro. to discuss open form | open form notes | free verse def. | free verse e.g. | Carver - Gallagher |  more Carver |open form | Clifton  | Hass | Hass Reading | Wright | Koozer-Pearl | Rita Dove | Kevin Young - P7  Write an open form poem and for  A6  respond  to one of Carver's poems as an e.g. of the "open/free form; Id. features, qualities, level of engagement, etc.



     discuss and turn in  A6   Analyzing Poems |  on  P7  "Literal" "Literality"-- Francis "In the Waiting Room" "The Map" | Rice Poems/Essay | finish - P7 open form poem



    turn in  P7 | "Persona"| "Identity" | Opal Whitely & NYr on O.W. | Anna Anderson Patricia Smith "Medussa"| Cedering |  || The Prose Poem | Hass interview | Crawford/McGookey  P8  write a prose poem write about "a childhood memory" OR "something that has not yet happened--try using literality.
     A7-A8  respond to
    the McGookey and Hass commentaries as ways of thinking about  the prose poem.



    Analyzing Poems on  P8  | Turn in  A7-A8  | Neruda |
    Power of the Word (soul) | Power of the Word (memory) | Power of the Word (livinglang.) |
    finish  P8



    turn in P8  Asian Voices | Li Young Lee |-Haiku ex.|-Haiku how-to write | Haiku (youtube) Haiku articles | Haibun | Haibun Instructions | Tanka |  || -Poems-in-poems- | Found Poems | Concrete/Shape Poems for A9/10  choose one article or poem sequence from Haiku articles and w/Template  write c.500-wds position/analysis (w/thesis + cites)   [Literary Analysis | OWL on Poetry Analysis | Citing Poems MLA 8 ]
    For P9/10   write a sequence of 3-5  Haikus, OR a a Haibun | Haibun Inst.



    turn in A9/10  | Analyzing Poems on P9/10  
     Practice Public Reading for final
    finish P9/10  and include in portfolio.our
    Prepare for FINAL reading. what are the mded. 



     Part 1 of Final Exam: attendance is required:
    Public Reading: meet in the Coates Center, ground-floor lounge by class time or before, if possible.
    Prepare for FINAL portfolio of poems w/Final paper: [Literary Analysis | OWL on Poetry Analysis | Citing Poems MLA 8 ] of one of the poems or craft essays encountered in the class -- 3-5 pages in standard MLA style, cited as needed, details below.
    T 3/20   3:15-5:00pm  PORTFOLIO DUE at final time
         Two Part FINAL :
    1.  Public Presentation -- Public reading in ground level lounge of Coates student center. Choose one or two poems students have developed for the class. A brief introduction to each poem is optional, but useful.
    2. Portfolio TO BE TURNED IN BY FINALS TIME:  ( Please use a paper, 3-prong pocket folder ONLY--no fancy plastic binders). Tabs for sections markers can be added, so a table of contents is not needed to identify the elements as follows:
    On the cover: the collection title, author name and a minimum of artwork.
    Inside, a "process-type" writing headed as Preface or Forward that reflects the student's experience of making these poems and commentaries. 
    Next, All poems written for the class. Please use a plain 3 prong paper folder (NO plastic folders, 3-ring binders, etc.) Each poem should be on its own page, single spaced or spaced for effect, titled, with writer's full name and copyright symbol, 2-5 spaces below poem (or in footer)-- [Please omit MLA course data in left corner of pages.] Printer's ornaments, lines or borders can be used in moderation and in black ink (...no "art" fonts). Portfolio should also include:
    Next, All the short assignments, the graded versions, with, assignment numbers and my marks.
         ♦ Last, the Literary Analysis paper, details below:
                     ♦ Literary Analysis (LitCrit) paper of one poem, commentry or craft essay covered in class. This literary criticism essay should include not only the basics of analysis, but the student's own personal response to the poem/issue, be 3-5 pages in standard MLA8 style, with evidence and examples cited as needed. Sub-heads in MLA are fine to use and of course, MLA bibliography that includes the citation for the material being considered and any other outside sources. Please consult these guides as needed:  Literary Analysis WISC.edu, | OWL on Poetry Analysis | Conventions of Literary Analysis & Guide to a LitAnalysis | Example from a WR242 student and other Lit.Crit. Papers--not all MLA, but ours should be: "Bronte..." | Hillman | Lyric Image | Metaphor
                                                        ♦ All Assignments in order as below.

                       ♦ Materials can be claimed by contacting me by email after the first week of the following term. ♦

    A# Assignment poem# focus of poem to write 
    A1 printout of favorite poem and analysis with
     Poetry Analysis/editing Handout & Booth poem
    P1 Dream/desert poem
    using Template for prose response/writing  as needed respond/comment on Stafford essay
    P2 glean a poem from The Man to Send Rain Clouds or Island
    A3 In MLA, comment on the features and tradition of performance poetry, western folk-life or slam/-(Include citing from commentaries as needed) specifically respond to folk-life poetry & Ford & Morthland | Hasselstrom P3 Write a folk-life ballad, (traditional, cowboy or current "slam,
    A4 In MLA respond to Technicians of the Sacred, Rothenberg, editor. via these focuses: In your view, (restate the question...) (1) define "primitive" (etymologically, denotatively and connotatively--Please look up these terms, if needed!) How might this "primitive" writing inform/influence ours? Cite as needed P4 Write a Primitive poem about he natural world or some human experience based on  characteristics (YOU identify) of indigenous/ "primitive" poems,

    A5 scansion exercise P5 write about an epiphany Villanelle (or any form)
    A6 respond  to one of Carver's poems as e.g. of the "open/free form." n MLA format analyze/ respond to examples/ commentary Prose Poem P6  write a Sonnet  about a loss 
    A7/A8   500-750 wds (w/thesis + cites) to these 3: the Prose Poem commentary, McGookey and Hass commentaries as ways of thinking about  the prose poem. P7 write an Open Form poem
    A9/A10 Respond to the most powerful elements in ONE of these Asian form Haiku groups or academic articles  P8 write a Prose Poem-- using literal description/ observations
        P9/P10 write a sequence of 5-6 Haikus, or a Haibun