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     . These dates and assignments are subject to change: check often.
 A#= Assignment number DUE FOLLOWING CLASS  --     to List of Assignments without due dates
  NOTE: Each week 3-5 new words will be added to personal Glossary Form--and will be part of quizzes as needed (50+by end of term)   Please NOTE: Quizzes may be given anytime







intros—course docs—MLA style, MLA Tutorial youtube computer tutorials, MLA template, e.g. "basic computer skills" | Listening

 Write- (on computer) Tell about someone you deeply admire, and give examples or experiences that show what you mean. Bring a printed version to next class.


--Discuss assignment | Reading-based Writing | OWL on summary Summary Exercise  | Glossary form-due with main papers  | Main Idea | Annotating text|

A1 Read and summarize- Canine Programs essay add shaded words from essay the to Glossary form and 5 each week..


T 4/10

|| Notes on Description | Desc.exercise  | Ortiz room desc.

Re-Read Notes on Description  Bring in an object for Desc.exercise  next class | add 5words to glossary for Wk 2



A2  do Desc.exercise  on an object you choose. Discuss assignment & read Ortiz room desc. | Story of an Hour -reading for meaning--StoryChart | Notes- Narration -- example Salvation

for A3 which has 2 parts: Read/annotate and (1) complete a StoryChart on the story you choose, either Silko story or Salvation then (2) complete a  2-part Response template: (1. summarize story  2. response--your reaction) to the story you choose-


 T   4/17

  read/discuss Teresa Jordan--excerpt: the bull and Harden--My Old Man as e.g. of E1--Loop Writing  to help develop  a topic.

 Write--300-500 wds rough draft of  Essay-1= explaining/telling about a personal experience outdoors, etc. & BRING IN TYPED rough version.

TH 4/19

discuss assign.& structure | Tiered Notes (opt) | outlining | LBarry read & discuss as a full circle.  | peer edit1 of E1 draft

draft  E1 =A4 (personal descriptive/narrative)-revise draft of E1 to 500 wds (about 2 full pages double spaced) | bring in 500 wd. typed draft to next class

 T     4/24

read Kittredge as e.g. of E1 and -peer edit on E1 draft = A4  | E1 packet + Loop & glossary to date

revise and polish essay 1—finalize process/packet |  fyi - E1 Scoring to be sure all scored elements are in paper

 TH 4/26

--Hand in essay1 packet-including glossary page to date-then, E2= 750 wds MLA using 2-3 sources to support thesis. Notes- Explaining |

Review  Notes- Explaining and possible E2 topics from main page links. Choose one or two that seem especially interesting for discussion on Tues.  






--Discuss topics forE2 = 750 wds MLA using 2-3 sources to support thesis.
-OWL guide for Expository  essays--review E2 topics from main page links (or other approved topic)Thesis sentences & thesis sentence | Ashford Thesis Mkr...?

Do a Loop Exercise  A5 for essay 2 on a possible E2 topic from main page links (or another approved topic): and in a separate paragraph, explain your understanding and opinion of that topic in 200 wds, (MLA format) --probably an expansion of Loop parts 5 & 6.--- add 5 vocabulary wds to glossary (not for turn-in yet).




starting thesis sentencenotes| thesis sentence on (youtube) | Sentence Rx|Sentence Diagramming
finding sources | Notes on Sentence Errors | verb "to be"

Continue focusing topic & a starting thesis sentence/youtube & thesis sentence-notes for E2
-find 2 possible sources for your paper
-review Notes on Sentence Errors | id. full sentences




 Paragraphs |UNC Writing handouts| Youtubes:ThesisGd1 | ThesisGd2 (w/reasons) | Sentence Diagramming

work on  A6 Planning the Paper


-Work on the starting explanation of the topic (Notes on E2 Explaining) guided by the thesis sentence.| work on  A6 Planning the Paper Bring a printed out rough draft, starting version to next class.



Review Notes on E2, Thesis guides | Thesis/outline maker as needed AND complete  A6 Planning the Paper

to help develop draft. youtubes:- 5(+) paragraph essay help | -tips on the Introduction | Body paragraphs | how to ID Credible Sources | UNC Writing handouts | Citation makers-use manual entry only- Citation Producer  Bibme | Citation Machine |

Complete A6 Planning the Paper & typed draft 1of  essay 2 (review OWL on expos. writing) including working thesis  Ashford thesis Gd and using 2-3 outside sources from Works Cited list  -- add 5 vocabulary words to glossary. | Bring printed-out current draft of E2 for peer edit. | placing in-text citations (credits)




sample essay | review of exp.writing | peer edit1  on rough draft (=A7 Proofing Gd.| UNC Writing handouts |OWL/MLA citing| sample GD outline

MLA formatting tutorial incl. Works Citedsample GD outline

review video demo of making a thesis | video demo of making a thesis for exp. /informative | more



sample essay| sample GD outline |review of exp.writing | conferences, etc.| OWL/MLA citing
peer edit2 / Conferences on E2, problem solve, etc. 
sample outline | packet (FYI--Scoring form) Proofing Gd.|
Revise via Proofing Gd.| work on E2, works cited list via easybib/handbooks, polish draft of Essay 2 -750 wds + Works Cited, 2 peer edits, 2 rough drafts-, A5, loop A6, A7,  paper outline(opt), voc. to date, process in packet (FYI--Scoring form)




-Hand in essay2 packet + Glossary to date (40 entries due Glossary form)

brainstorming | for E3 =Notes on position/persuasive essay

 (opt) Loop Exercise to use for E3--Start A8-Planning the PaperE3 Review Notes on position/persuasive essay -E3= 750-900wds-

TH 5/24

WORK on A8-Planning the Paper E3 | discuss search for topic- Loop Exercise | Ashford Thesis | Signal Phrases | Notes on position/persuasive essay |

work on A8-Do Planning the Paper on for E3 Notes on position/persuasive essay -E3=750-900wds-




Sentence error review | UNC handouts | Start a Works Cited list: A9  Review Works Cited and parenthetical cites to those sources | What to cite|How to cite

Start/modify the working WC A9  as needed to match signals phrases and add MLA parenthetical cites for evidence in essay. 



Review assignment from last class: CheckE3 for Signal Phrases, counterargument, add Works Cited list to match | Problem solve, etc.

Continue working on  A10 = Draft of E3 --750-900 wds, with 2+ sources written in to sentences + cites for peer edit on Tues.  Proofing Gd.| BRING DRAFT OF E3 TO CLASS ON TUES. FOR  Peer edit on Persuasion/op-ed  





Educated | discuss reading and | Peer edit on Persuasion/op-ed with MLA Works Cited list for essay 3 draft/ conferences/ Portfolio Scoring/ Checklist —discuss issues/problems | Annual Physical oped--. REVIEW sentence errors, citing, etc. for final.

work on and polish [Proofing Gd.|] essay 3 & packet= final draft, draft from peer edit(s),pre-write/loop ex. A8,9,10+voc.w/50 words, process writing - E3 Scoring AND a separate Process/Reflection writing on whole course = 250-350 wds.



FINAL CLASS- turn in essay 3 packet | and Portfolio Checklist  of all previous assignments (graded), presented in a 3 prong paper folder.   Final exam review.




Finals TIME-  TH. 6/14/18  10:15-12:15pm




A1  -Read and summarize-the Canine Programs essay -

A2   do Desc.exercise on an object you choose. add 5 words to your glossary;  A3 Read/annotate and (1) complete a StoryChart on the story you choose either Silko story or Salvation ,then (2) do a 2 part Response template.doc to the story you choose  A4 = rough draft of E1

  Essay-1= Packet due: explaining/telling about a personal experience-500 wds

A5.Loop Exercise   for essay 2 (Explaining the topic and add 2 sources) on a possible E2 topic from main page links (or another approved topic): and in a separate paragraph, explain your understanding and opinion of that topic in 200 wds, (MLA format) --probably an expansion of Loop parts 5 & 6.--- add 5 vocabulary wds to glossary (not for turn-in yet).

A6  Planning the Paper=  A6

 A7  Rough draft of E2 w/ editing marks

 Notes on E2  due --hand in E2 packet --E2 topics from main page links (or other approved topic) Explaining the topic and with 2 sources

A8 -Do  Planning the Paper   on possible topic for position essay -E3-750-900wds-

A9  Basic Works Cited for E3

A10 Draft of E3 --750-900 wds, with 2+ sources taking a position on a controversial topic

 Essay 3 Position paper on a controversial topic using 2 sources

 Glossary form with 5 wds/week = 50 entries

This work should be presented as a Portfolio in a 3 prong paper folder by week 10

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