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Online Writing Lab.= OWL- guide to everything writing

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GRAMMAR BYTES--interactive Practice

On Rhetoric

Major Graded Essay Topics and  Notes

Major Essay 1 -  NARRATIVE/DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY about a PERSONAL/1st Hand EXPERIENCE  500-750wds

 BASIC ESSAY Gd  | Examples of Writing That Explains Something:


Harden--My Old Man & Hamill--2 short essays

Ortiz-Cofer-- Rooms- essay

Linda Barry--Sanctuary of School--essay


Wm. Kittredge--excerpt: WWII--essay

Teresa Jordan--excerpt: the bull--essay

The Ghost Army-essay

Major Essay 2


PossibleTopics about  NW America Before 1900:
STARTING Links for Information, Finding a Topic and Resources

Introduction to the Oregon Trail

National Park Service on OT

Oregon Pioneers

OT Map 1843

AV of OT

AV excerpts of OT Diaries 

Oregon Historical quarterly 1901with NY Tribune re-prints of mid-1800s Oregon

The Oregon Trail--Parkman (whole book)

First Peoples--Oregon/ Beyond


Historical Information on Indians Tribes in Oregon

Oregon Encyclopedia re: Indians in Oregon

NW Indian fisheries

Modoc/Klamath and links to NW tribes

AV--Wisdom of the Elders

AV-- WisdomKeepers

The Lushootseed Peoples of Puget Sound Country stories/traditions

Coyote spreads Salmon--Tale

Possible topics 3--
 Oregon Lifestyle Issues, Landscape and Pre-history

Issues in Oregon lifestyle--OSU

Wild Horses in Oregon/BLM | General info. on Wild Horses in Oregon

Range management issues

Missoula Floods

The Land We See

USGS on Oregon Volcanos

Current Cascade Earth Changes

Possible topics 4--
General History/Multi-cultural Issues

Oregon Encyclopedia Project

Peoples of Oregon & Racism

The Klan in Oregon

Oregon Blue Book Multi-cultural History

Oregon Range Wars

Major Essay 3 -
ASSIGNMENT FOR E3 : Choose a controversial issue (or another focus from E2 choices) on which to take a position AND use 2-3 sources to support--750-900 wds

Topic Generator-interactive

Good paper topics |

ProCon issues | even more topics

Top Documentaries| search youtube

Online Documentaries | (all free) to suggest topics, demonstrate theme, explanation, example and authoritative evidence.

To Model Documented Position Papers

Basics of CounterArgument

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