WR122  CRN 12988

 Argument, Research & Multimodal Composition

 PIO 200C  3:15-5:05pm MW

Office Hours: 2:30-3:00 pm PIO 200 MW



Central Oregon Community College

OWL at Purdue | Research COCC Library  | Dictionary.com/Thesaurus
UNC Writing handouts | Harvard College Writing Center | Stanford Encyclopedia of  Philosophy

I. Class Basics

  1. MLA class template

  2. MLA Tutorial animation

  3. Response Writing Guide

  4. Essay Packet Turn-in Guide

  5. Process Writing

II. Basic Research Writing

  1. On Brainstorming

  2. Topic Exp/Loop Exercise

  3. Academic Use of Story

  4. POSITION PAPER GUIDE-- Forming thesis, paper layout, etc.

  5. Writing a Research Paper - OWL Purdue U. search for "research paper"

  6. Organization of a Traditional Academic Paper

  7. How to Write a Research Paper - Georgetown U.

  8. Writing to be Read

  9. Peer Reviewed paper on Flapjack--(example)

  10. Peer Reviewed paper on Squawdress-(example)

III. Basic Reasoning and Argument

  1. Deductive, Inductive and Abductive Reasoning

  2. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

  3. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

  4. Notes on Reasoning

  5. Notes on Persuasion

  6. Notes on Argument


IV. Sources and Citing

  1. How to Find Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles- YouTube

  2. Types of periodicals/articles-Peer Reviewed,etc.

  3. RefDesk

  4. Integrating evidence from sources

  5. Notes on Giving Credit within Writing

  6. Signal Phrase and Citing exercise

  7. Signal Phrase Handout

  8. Citing Guides--various disciplines

  9. Citation Machine | Bibme--citation maker | Citation Producer

  10. Writing the Annotated Bibliography

  11. Models of Annotated Bibliography

  12. Exercise to avoid plaigarism 

  13. Google Scholar | Google Books -( Out of Print parts or all free)

V. Writing in Disciplines

  1. Documenting in common Disciplines

  2. The Scientific Paper | CSE source formatting

  3.  APA Research Guide

VI. For Titles and Epigraphs

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