Links to Academic Peer Reviewed Articles on Use of Story in Formal Academics and Writing       

Exploring Uses of Story in Academic Writing

While "academic" writing understandably requires specifc terminology to be as accurate as possible, the hazard is a kind of abstraction that is too often counter-productive to communication. Story and simile are tools that support presenting even the most abstract idea. As the essay Likeness presents, we best understand an unfamiliar concept by finding common elements with one we already know.

These peer-reviewed and published articles are useful in finding ways to make "academic" writing more accessible to average readers. The "Ivory Tower" of academia implies a kind of elitism that is hard to justify in modern-day media, which makes so much information easily available. In a time of "fake news" and knee-jerk sounding-off, peer reviewed articles based on rigorous evidence and validity may be more crucial than ever, in our public discourse.


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